A significant and unique aspect of the Voices intervention in the Delhi High Court revolves around the sworn Affidavits from those who are directly affected by Section 377, Indian Penal Code.  All Affidavits were collected on the understanding that they will be submitted in the ongoing Public Interest Litigation.  It was courageous and noble on the part of all Deponents to admit their supposed criminality to a Court of law in an atmosphere that was less supportive and more uncertain than today.  Reproducing any of them in any other form, especially in media as Internet, would be breach of the original understanding, the basis on which on which they were collected.  Of course they are a part of Court records and anyone could excerpt them from there.  Any ethical researcher or writer would /should however be mindful of the personal information contained therein and subject any reproduction of even part thereof to the explicit permission of the concerned Deponents.  The criminalisation of consensual same-sex sexual acts is hopefully history, we are yet to tackle the malaise of stigma and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.  Deponents should not be brought to any harm or disadvantage for their noble contribution to a social cause.